And I Remember

A One-Woman Play

Karen Vaccaro transforms herself into three radically different real women—a poet, a pianist and an actress—in this hilarious and poignant one-woman play about the lives of artists and the art of living as a woman in America. The project was developed with funding from the Urbana Public Arts Commission and mixes verbatim oral histories from senior citizens with lively big band music of the 40s and 50s to weave a delightful and entertaining life tapestry. The play is directed by Robert Quinlan. It is 50 minutes in length.

New York filmmaker Mark P. Ring (formerly of the Sundance Channel) was present to document performances as part of The Actual, Authentic Version Of Who You Say I Am, a film he created about "And I Remember" and the women it immortalizes.

Supported in part by a City of Urbana Arts Grant

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