Sketch of Karen Vaccaro in character

Coaching ClientTestimonials

“I have been very impressed with the results I’ve seen.”

Steve Scott (Goodman Theater)

“When I initially thought about my auditions for colleges, I was more than a little anxious. I had never approached Shakespeare’s work before, but reaching out to you was the best decision I could have made. I really appreciate how professional and passionate you are and I could not have asked for a better coach. I am so grateful for all of your help and for inspiring me to do the art that I love. Thank you so much!”

Sydney Erin

“I'm up doing some scene work and going over my notes and can honestly can say since taking Karen Vaccaro class I have grown so much as an actress. She was able to strip the bad habits and taught me how to tap into my best performance. Everything from her professionalism to her genuine passion is awesome. If you haven't already. I highly recommend sign up for her next session. You won't regret it.”

Teharah J. Smith

“This class is Amazing! Karen Vaccaro has the gift of pulling the magic out of actors moment by moment that they didn't realize was there. Now when I walk into an audition, I feel more confident and prepared. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute and I am excited about attending future classes!!!k ”

Kesha Dorsey

“Karen is very personal and in tuned with actors she works with. She’s detailed and focused on bringing out the best with those she works with.”

Maurice L. Dortch

“Karen is a wonderful coach. I always feel both safe with her and challenged by her. She doesn’t shy away from tackling an actor’s deepest fears or biggest roadblocks. As a result of her sessions I am more present and emotionally self-aware and able to bring myself to the material that I tackle. I’m very grateful to Karen!”

2019-08-05 - Jessica Kadish

“Karen was a fantastic instructor who stretched me in new ways and opened my eyes to the acting world. As somebody with no previous acting experience, I found her extremely patient and helpful. She spoke honestly without putting me down when and consistently encouraged me to dig deeper into different characters and find ways to project my own experiences into scenes. She's such an authenticate and compassionate person. I would highly recommend Karen!”

2019-07-30 - Connor S.

“Karen is a wonderful acting teacher and coach. I've taken classes from her over the years and she continues to develop new exercises and techniques to help one grow as an actor. She is patient and very supportive. She is extremely clear in how she communicates her coaching instructions and why she suggests the exercises and instructions she gives. She is tremendously experienced as a coach, director and actor. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone at any level of acting experience! ”

2019-07-30 - Laurie Koel

“I love that Karen teaches performers how to be truthful, make deep choices and how to tap into feeling real emotions in made up circumstances. She's Awesome!”

2019-07-05 - Susan Acuna

“That she’s so patient with me Real easy to work with, a lot of experience, I was applying for job and they want me to do video production About the company, and I’m a person as everyone who scared of camera so I decide to hire Karen as my acting coach to and Karen helped a lot to love the camera instead , since then I love my pictures and I know how to talk to the camera”

06-21 - Lorenzo Tanbour

“If you want a coach to tell you what you want to hear look elsewhere. Karen gives you honesty with respect and without the bells and whistles or sugar. In my opinion, she’s the type of coach you want if you want to grow beyond your dreams in the industry. Trust and believe if she’s not believing or feeling you the audience isn’t either. Karen knows when you’re honest and unauthentic. She sees right through your choices and asks good questions so you can go deeper.”

2019-06-20 - Basha Evans

“To begin with Karen will put you at ease. Karen has been a professional actor for a long time and she knows how vulnerable actors can be when taking on a new piece of work. I went to Karen because I needed to brush up on my monologues. I needed fresh eyes on what I was trying to communicate. She not only push me in the right direction, she gave me some tips and some tools that allowed me to pull from an unknown reservoir of emotions and bring those forward in my monologues.”

2019-06-20 - Michelle Bradley

“I've had the opportunity to work with Karen in a production of the Diary of Anne Frank and for private coaching. Her professionalism and talent shine as an actress and teacher. On stage she was a present, giving scene partner. During private lessons, she helped to ground my performance while keeping the expressiveness needed to fulfill the life of the material. I still do exercises I learned from her years later. Using the monologue we worked on, I was accepted into my top choices of drama schools.”

2019-06-20 - Max Keagle

“Working with Karen gave me a better understanding of how to just be present in the moment. She coaches from a place of love, both for the craft and for her actors. Her class is a safe space for a green actor or seasoned veteran to explore, stretch, and grow their craft. She challenges you, but always in love! ”

2019-06-19 - LDorado Jonez

“Always made me feel comfortable and took the time to explain and teach me with kindness, love and compassion. She was the best decision I ever made.”

2019-06-19 - Jo